After a thorough research over the years, we have found out that there is a missing link in the training of tax professionals in the private sector in Cameroon due to the absence of a single specialized course aimed at training and equipping tax professionals with the much needed practical training that will result into producing tax professionals proficient in the provision of technically prudent tax advice to individuals, businesses and other special undertakings.

CIFMA has designed this tax qualification course for tax policy professionals, tax administrators, tax professionals and graduates who are interested in becoming Certified Corporate Tax Professionals (CCTPs). At CIFMA, we believe this in an initiative to accompany the government’s plan for an emerging Cameroon  in training tax professional in the private sector.

The CCTP program has been carefully designed to provide candidates with a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of the Cameroon taxation system and the relevance of taxation to personal and business decision making.

Candidates are expected to display an in-depth understanding of the impact of all major taxes on the transactions of individuals, companies and special undertakings and be able to identify, discuss and advise on the tax issues in a particular situation as well as planning opportunities to minimise potential tax liabilities.

Candidates will gain a deeper insight into how tax laws are formed and how these laws are applied to key commercial transactions and acquire the professional skills required of a recognised tax consultant. They will learn about the relevant corporate, legal, ethical and accounting issues which underpin, broaden and enhance the skill set of an individual obtaining the CCTP qualification. Tax is an ever-hanging and ever-increasing body of legislation, precedents and practice. The CCTP program is set to provide the vital competency of “learning to learn” so CCTPs can keep abreast of relevant developments throughout their career.

The CCTP program is a progressive four -units program during which candidates will acquire the skills and competencies needed to provide commercially focused and technically sound taxation advice. The program will be a cumulative and fully integrated curriculum with each unit building on the knowledge and skills acquired by candidates at previous units.


The program has been divided into Four Levels with each level succeeding the other. Each level has a professional practice module that has been carefully designed to cover the subject area already covered in that particular level.

Level One (Foundation Courses)(one year)

Principles of Accounting and OHADA business law

Business Law

Principles of Taxation

Managerial Economics

Introduction to Computer

Public Finance

Business Mathematics and Quatitative Techniques

Professional Practice 1

Project 1

Level 2 (Diploma Courses) One year

Business Accounting

Value Added TAx

Income Tax

Customs and Excise

Computer Based Accounting

Professional Practice 2

Project 2

Level 3 (Advanced Diploma) one Year

Auditing And Investigations

Professional Ethics

International Taxation


Professional Practice 3

Final Project