As part of our overall educational, research, and service missions, we develop ongoing partnerships with international universities, professional institutions and bodies, companies and other institutions in and outside of Cameroon. These partnerships, formalized through agreements, promote student, faculty, and staff exchanges as well as international research, service, and economic development opportunities. As we have actively pursued the goal of becoming “A Leading Cameroon institution of professional training with International Reach,” the number and complexity of our partners and such agreements have increased. Our quality assurance policy and guidelines are meant to ensure that the institution’s national and international agreements are developed and reviewed in a systematic way promoting carefully considered, high quality, and mutually beneficial partnerships.


University of Buea-

University of Bamenda

University of Dschang

Bamenda University Institute of Science and Technology


Virginia International University

University of Atlanta


International Management Institute


European International University


Daystar University


Nazlawi Business College